Massage Services

Treatments used include: Sports ( Swedish), Lymphatic Drainage, and Myofascial.   Accupressure may also be used to help.  Aromatherapy is also available to compliment the massage.  All oils used are highly diluted and safe for dogs. 

Before the Massage
The consultation will take place to gain all information and general assessment which includes:
Evaluation of personality of dog
Reason for the massage
Medical History
Gentle hands on examination looking for key points of tension
Recommendation and time frame of further visits required

The Massage

Massages will be roughly 45 mins for medium to large breeds.  Shorter for small dogs and longer for extra large.   The massage will be tailored to create the maximum  health benefit after the findings of the consultation.  Music may also be used as a tool to help relax the dog.
There is a warm up period where I will just try to get the dog relax and gain their trust.  Trust is essential and should it not be obtained or at any point where the dog is not up to it, the massage will be rescheduled.
The pressure used during the massage will match the tolerance of the dog.  At no time will excess pressure or force be used!
If the massages are done in your home, it is required that there be a quiet area with no traffic is available.
For overly anxious or territorial dogs the owners presence may be required.   Aggressive dogs are applicable, however a muzzle must be used if approved by owner for safety of all involved.
There is a waiver that will need to be signed at time of assessment.

After The Massage

You may notice your dog may act a little differently following the massage.  Please make sure they have access to an adequate amount of water to help flush out the toxins.
Signs and symptoms may include:
Increase in sleeping
Very quiet
Frequent urination
Increased thirst
Injury points may be a little warm to the touch

Massages are available in your home for maximum comfort!
Times are flexible!   Email: or call 403-863-6996
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Facebook: @pawstoprintspetcare

Canine Massage Pricing

In Home Services
Initial Assessment and First therapy for all new clients: $75
This includes dog’s medical history form, client information intake, first time massage and creating a therapy plan.
Subsequent Therapy: Follow Up Sessions  $60
This includes massage and treatment briefing

Value packs 3  $150
(Best for Occasional, Relaxation Massages)
Value packs 6 $270
( Best for Recovery, Mobility, Anxiety)
Value packs 12 $540
(Best for Seniors, Long term therapy, Monthly maintenance)