Canine Massage

Canine Massage

As humans,  we tend to do get massages for therapy of our injured or overused muscles or often just as a way to relax and de-stress so why not offer the same for our beloved canine companions.  Whether they are involved in one of the numerous dog sports, are working dogs, dogs recovering from injuries and illness, elderly and arthritic or just a dog who deserves a treat, all dogs will enjoy and benefit from the massage.

Why do dogs need a massage?

M. Horace Hayes from his timeless book, Veterinary Notes For Horse Owners, quotes: “Massage is valuable not only in cases of injury and disease, but also for promoting the general health, and preventing it being lowered under ordinary conditions of life . . . . The evident pleasure which stroking gives to animals, and the delight tired horses, dogs and cats take in rolling, are convincing proofs for the health-giving effects of massage.”

Benefits of Massage:

Relaxes and reduces stress
Encourages the lymphatic system to reduce swelling and flush excess fluids
Loosens and softens post-surgery scar tissue (including spaying and neutering) and reduces stiffness
Lengthens muscles, increasing flexibility of soft tissue
Improves athletic performance in sport and active dogs
Encourages the lymphatic system to reduce swelling and flush excess fluids
Increases blood circulation to help eliminate waste and toxins
Helps prevent muscular atrophy in aging pets
Releases endorphins to help energize and minimize pain
Enhances the muscle tone and range of motion
Advances healing by increasing the flow of nutrients to injured muscles
Helps maintain the WHOLE body in better physical condition

Canine massage is not a replacement for veterinary care.
I would be pleased to work with your vet to set up a rehabilitation plan for your dog.