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Happy Halloween All!

Seriously today is my favorite day of the year and not because I’m actually allowed to stuff my face with candy!! Which I do love, but if I am honest I eat chocolate a couple times a week to curb the bitch within. I love this day because you can be whatever you want to be… (why they don’t make pre-assembled She Hulk costumes is beyond me!)You get to try out your artistic skills by carving pumpkins and of course

I also love the traditional meaning of this day and that is to remember the ones we have lost.(which to me also includes the animals) Those who have left me are constantly missed and if there is a time, when they can be more present or I just take the extra time to remember them, I consider that a win! My grandparents who are both gone got married on Oct.31 and have always enjoyed that as it interconnects things I love the most.

Here is a link to remind us of the traditional meanings for this day:


In regards to Halloween please remember to bring all pets in the house and give them a safe, comfortable place for them to hide and to block their access from any doors to prevent bolting. Not only are people cruel to animals on this night, but costumes are scary for dogs and cats. Please DO NOT leave any pets outdoors unattended either!!!!!
Here are also a few tips to keep your pets safe tonight 🙂



My animals from Halloween 2012:








I would do it more often, but I tend to like my animals not angry and plotting revenge.

Pumpkin Carving fun:



So tonight be safe, keep your animals safe and take some time in between those bites of chocolate and candy to remember those who have left this earth.