K9 Massage Rufferral Program

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Now Offering a Rufferral Program!


Christmas for the K-9’s

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Looking for the perfect gift for your dog or a dog you know? Why not a K-9 Massage? Gift bags for Christmas are on sale now! $40 g/c for 1 massage with aromatherapy and homemade dog cookies ( Your choice of peanut butter/carob or apple/oat) or you can go for the 2 massages with aromatherapy plus homemade cookies for $80 ~for those with more than one dog or just want savings! Contact me for purchasing options.


Now offering Aromatherapy

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We all know how wonderful aromatherapy can be for humans and I am pleased to announce that I am able to apply it to the dogs!

Fall Photo Special

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Photo savings for those who want to get in a colorful picture 😉   Book soon to get the full fall colors!

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Fall Special- K-9 Massage

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Fall savings to help your pup relax after a busy summer!


K9fall special

Fall Special- K-9 Massage

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Special savings for Sleep Rover Clients:

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More Availability at Sleep Rover

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It has been decided that I will now be available for Canine Massage at Sleep Rover Doggie Hotel and Daycare on Wed, Thurs and Sat. The cost for all Sleep Rover clients will be $45 and is payable via e-transfer or cash at this point. (Looking into other options) To book please call 403-863-6996 Email:sarah@pawstoprints.ca


Why I chose Canine Massage

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I was asked why I chose to do canine massage when it doesn’t seem to be very popular and people may be skeptical.
This is my answer:

Canine massage is something that I feel is extremely beneficial to our dog companions.
It may not be hugely popular but it has been used for years by veterinarians, granted more in the horse realm, but also in working dogs. Over the years our need to put dogs to work has lessened overall, but we also have them doing more activities than before. We have dock diving, flyball, heavy pull, agility, tracking and herding, etc Massage keeps the muscles loose and helps to prevent injuries.

Being an avid animal rescuer, I also see the mental benefits it can provide. Massage can help the distrusting animal learn that touch is not to be feared. It can help an anxious dog relax. It can be a source of comfort when recovering from a surgery (such as spay/neuter) and also dogs recovering from things such as mange. A gentle massage helps circulation and may help promote the regrowth of hair.

I personally love massages, it helps with my Raynauds and arthritis. Back when I was sport active( Rugby) it helped immensely to soothe the numerous injured muscles. After all the physical benefits, I find that massage helps me the most mentally. For that 1 hour I can just lie there and gives my mind a chance to wind down. Why wouldn’t I want that for my dogs?

By no means do I think its a substitute for veterinary care and would not be comfortable even approaching that thought, but it is complimentary. Keeping a body well maintained and muscles and joints moving fluidly results in a happier being overall. I want the dogs to be just as happy as the humans because they deserve nothing less.

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Canine Massage offered at Sleep Rover Doggie Hotel and Daycare

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Just want to put out a huge Thank You to Sleep Rover Doggie Hotel and Daycare for allowing me to
massage their clients every Thursday afternoon. To book a massage if you are Sleep Rover client please call the Sleep Rover girls at 403-454-7833! Massages are $45.